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 According to research on  ayurvedic skin care, Regular detoxification of blood is necessary for a healthy skin. Due to our modern lifestyles, it is not uncommon for improperly digested food, cellular waste, and other toxins to accumulate in the blood. The body naturally seeks to rid itself of these toxins through the GI tract. However, when the system is overloaded, the skin can also act as an organ of elimination. As a result, the skin becomes prone to acne, eczema, foot problems, fungal infections, hair loss, psoriasis, etc. It is important to identify these symptoms in our near and dear ones, so that immediate action can be taken

Ayurvedic Skin care - Cure

 Supports healthy, radiant skin from within

Promotes a clear complexion and a smooth appearance of the skin

Soothes excess heat and pitta in the body

Improves digestion

Ensures healthy liver function

Supports body’s natural ability to cleanse and remove toxins


Pure Heam ( Ayurvedic skin care medicine ) has been designed to bring richness to our body and skin by removing harmful toxins through herbal blood purifiers. Pure Heam is both a curative and a preventive creation, conceived to protect us from the excesses of pita dosha. Pure Heam celebrates the ancient heritage of our Vedas and seeks to infuse the energy and knowledge of our ancestors to our modern lives. 

Below are the key Ingredient for Ayurvedic skin care medicines - Pure Heam 

#Curcuma Longa (Haridra): It is well known for its complexion enhancing action, anti bacterial activity and healing qualities. Haridra also possesses a scraping mechanism that helps in removing unwanted fats from the body. It corrects metabolism and is useful against anemia, diabetes and liver problems.

#Embelia Ribes (Vidanga): It detoxifies blood, improves skin complexion and is useful against vomiting, bloating, indigestion, gastritis and constipation. It is widely used in weight loss treatments.

#Terminalia Chebula, Terminalia Belerica, Emblica Officinalis (Triphla): It is considered as a gentle bowel tonic, being helpful in digestion and supports regular bowel movements. The combination of the three fruits (Amalika, Bibhitaki and Haritaki) has a synergistic effect to bolster respiratory, cardiovascular, urinary, reproductive and nervous systems. 


Other Ingredients for Ayurvedic skin care medicines - Pure Heam

Trikatu( a) Zingiber Offcinale (Sunthi)  b) Piper Nigrum (Kali Mirch)  c) Piper Longum (Pippali)), Trijata

 ((a) Cinnamonum Zeylamcum (Tavk)  b) Elettaria Cardamomum (Suksmaila)  c) Cinnamomum Tamala (Tvak Patra)), Embelia Ribes (Vidanga), (Karmighna), Operculina Turpethum (Trivrta), Mesua Ferrea (Nagkesar), Cyperus Rotundus (Musta) and Calcined Lauha (Lauha Bhasma).


Perspectives from Dr Jogesh Passi about for Ayurvedic skin care medicines - Pure Heam

PURE HEAM ( Ayurvedic skin care medicines ) helps in providing a vibrant and glowing skin both from the inside and outside because it rejuvenates skin cells and supports the skin’s natural healing process. This supplement can be consumed by people of all ages. All the herbs of Pure Heam are carefully selected and examined thoroughly and the right combination has been concocted after 35 years of research by Dr Jogesh Passi. ADD VEDA strives to provide maximum benefits by using premium quality herbs and aims to heal and rejuvenate our lives.


Dosage: Two capsules twice a day after meals preferably with one tablespoon of Goghrta (certified butter from cow milk) in lukewarm milk only.




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