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Diabetes is a metabolic disease where the blood sugar levels remain high over a long period of time, threatening the normal functioning of the body. Diabetes is often called the silent killer. We are now engulfed by the diabetes demon like never before because of our changing lifestyle, stress, poor diet and lack of exercise. Since it’s a chronic disease, patients are usually on anti-diabetic medicines for life. Symptoms Include Constant Thirst, Frequent Urination, Fatigue and Muscle Weakness, Blurred Vision, Tingling or Numb Feeling in Fingers and Toes and Recurrent or Frequent Infections

    >  Stimulates the pancreatic cells to increase insulin production

>  Inhibit the absorption of glucose from intestine.

>   Promotes repair or regeneration of the residual beta cells (to help body produce its own insulin in type 1 diabetes.

>  Stabilizes the normal functioning of urinary system

>  Supports a healthy blood sugar level when already within the normal range

Diabetes Health ( ayurvedic medicine for diabetes) has been designed to shield you from a lifetime of anti-diabetic medicines. Diabetes Health celebrates the ancient heritage of our Vedas and seeks to infuse the energy and knowledge of our ancestors to our modern lives. 

 #Gudmar Buti (Gymnema Sylvestre): It has the ability to reduce the amount of sugar absorbed by intestine during the process of digestion.  It also increases the amount of insulin secreted by the pancreas. It plays a vital role in suppressing the appetite. It is very useful to cure urinary disorders and inflammation.

#Neem Patra (Azadirachta Indica): Neem oil and the bark and leaf extracts have been therapeutically used to control various skin infections. Bark, leaf, root, flower and fruit together cure blood morbidity, biliary afflictions, itching, skin ulcers and burning sensations.


#Jamun (Syzglum Cummi): Its richness in iron makes it a good blood purifier as it ensures oxygenated blood supply with good amount of hemoglobin all through the body. Its anti-diabetic properties help in keeping blood sugar levels under control by converting starch and sugar into energy. Jamun is a fruit of low glycemic index which keeps blood sugar level under check as well as cures common diabetic symptoms and complications like excess thirst, urination etc.


Other Ingredients

Shatavar (Asparagus), Ashwagandha (Winter Cherry), Amla (Emblica Officinalis), Harar (Terminalia Chebula), Kali Musli (Black Musale), Bhangra (Mistletoe)     , Shilajit (Mineral Pitch), Chitrakmul (Ceylon Leadwort), Pippali (Dried Catkins), Mukta Pisti (Pisti Pearl), Loh Bhasma (Iron), Methi (Trigonella Foenump), Karela (Momordia Charanth) and Tribhang Bhasam (Bhasam of 3 Mineral).

Ayurvedic Perspectives from Dr. Jogesh Passi:

DIABETES HEALTH helps the pancreas maintain healthy blood sugar level by supporting the production of insulin. It also bolsters the immune system while toning the urinary tract and supporting healthy urination. This supplement can be consumed by people of all ages. All the herbs of Diabetes Health are carefully selected and examined thoroughly and the right combination has been concocted by Dr. Jogesh Passi after 35 years of research. ADD VEDA strives to provide maximum benefits by using premium quality herbs and aims to heal and rejuvenate our lives.


Dosage: One capsule thrice a day just after meals with water or milk.


~ Add Ayurveda; Add Life~